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Rotating through the category of typewriters with our letter writing, it is fun finding Chicago Typewriter KDrama TV series. An antique typewriter is central to the plot of parallel storylines in present-day South Korea and in the 1930s.  The reviews I’m reading on it are glowing for the originality of weaving several film genres.

If you do nothing else with reading today’s post, I’m including a link to the Hellokpop 2017 review; there are great photos and video snippets. It has me wanting to arrange watching it. Today, I’m sharing with you about finding it adding to my list of items to pursue further.

Chicago Typewriter KDrama TV series DVD

Hellokpop K-Drama Review of “Chicago Typewriter”

Here is the opening excerpt from the 2017 “Chicago Typewriter” Scribbles A Story Of Love & Friendship Like No Other article

“TVN has always been home to dramas that are not afraid to experiment on stories. Such is the case for Chicago Typewriter, which started on a vague footing, but emerged strong in picturing a story that uses heartfelt emotion in fueling the fictitious period drama framework.

Chicago Typewriter defies creative boundaries as it switches the past and present timelines without losing the brilliant writing and fascinating characters that moved in the story. Sans the bleak opening week, when the chronicle motions to its trajectory, the absorbing enactment just hits all the bullet points of what I look forward to in a k-drama series – innovative plot and committed cast…”

The TVTime site is showing the 2017 TVN South Korean TV Series has 16 episodes with viewer ratings of 9.78 out of 10 rating.

“Chicago Typewriter is a 70 minute comedy-fantasy-romance starring Lim Soo-jung as Jeon Seol, Yoo Ah-in as Han Se-joo and Go Kyung-pyo as Yoo Jin-o. The series premiered on Fri Apr 07, 2017 on tvN and Episode 16 (S01E16) last aired on Sat Jun 03, 2017.”

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Hellokpop K-Drama Review: “Chicago Typewriter” … by abbyinhallyuland, 


Image Chicago Typewriter (1-16 episodes) DVD Box Set, Amazon






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