Moorea Seal 52 Lists Postcards Set Book

The Moorea Seal 52 Lists Postcards Set Book is a unique and fun find to be sharing today. It is showing the publishing date of October 16, 2018. Each page is looking to be the size of 4.5 x 1 x 6.2 inches.

The book includes “… 52 unique postcards, 26 different backgrounds, and 13 different prompts. “

Over at when selecting the BROWSE INSIDE button of this item, it opens several sample prompt ideas. In addition, while there one can check out the companion pieces of notepads, desk pads, planner, and more!

52 Lists Postcards Set Book, For Connecting with Loved Ones Near and Far

“From blockbuster author Moorea Seal comes a beautiful postcard set, in the format of a landscape-layout book.”

Moorea Seal 52 Lists Postcards Set BookFurthermore, I’m including a partial listing of the description.

“Send some love to a friend or family member by writing a special list to celebrate your relationship! For fans of the bestselling journals The 52 Lists Project and 52 Lists for Happiness, this gorgeous set of 52 postcards is perfect for connecting with loved ones near and far. Each postcard comes with a prompt laid over a beautiful, atmospheric photo or illustrated pattern, 5 numbered lines to write your list, and space for a stamp and address to send it to a friend!” …

“MOOREA SEAL is a Seattle-based retailer, designer, online curator, and author of the bestselling 52 Lists journal series, also known for her large following on Pinterest and mental health advocacy…”

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P.S. Today is Day 19 of InCoWriMo 2019! 

P.P.S. Over at Amazon I’m seeing the listing for less than $12 with free shipping for Prime members

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