Sea Glass Letter Opener

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Sea Glass Letter Opener
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Looking at the Sea Glass Letter Opener is inspiring seeing it made out of recycled bottle tumbled island glass.

With the pricing under twenty dollars, it is very appealing for considering a letter writing gift idea.  I’m also including at the end of my post a list of some of my previous posts with letter writing and sea glass as the theme.  There is a fondness for the unique glass and to find a letter opener is so much fun!

Sea Glass Letter Opener

Over at greydogstudio is the listing at their Etsy shop. When browsing around one notices several listings and each one is unique.

greydogstudio Image Sea Glass Letter Opener “Tumbled Island Glass” in Turquoise, Stainless Steel.

“Unique and beautiful sea glass inspired “Tumbled Island Glass” letter opener, hand-crafted using recycled bottle glass. High quality stainless steel letter opener embellished with satin smooth recycled glass and wrapped in stainless steel wire. Nothing will rust or tarnish.

Letter Opener is 9″ in length.

… Custom orders welcome! 


Have fun considering adding a Sea Glass Letter Opener among your stationery desk items.

In conclusion, as we wrap up, one of the things I’m really enjoying seeing is the custom orders options for creating unique sea glass letter openers.

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P.S. Today is Day 20 of InCoWriMo 2019! Yes – it really is day 20!


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