Overcoming Procrastination with Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Poster

Overcoming Procrastination with Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Poster is a great tool for motivating us to take action.

The first time I saw this poster was last June at my first on-site visit to MRC Cary. Then in December, I ordered the poster and it arrived in a poster tube in perfect condition.

“… the 17 Principles of Success Poster is authorized and approved for sale by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.”

I’m including this YouTube video link to watch the 7-minute video on the Napoleon Hill 17 Principles of Success Poster.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Life video narrative by Christopher Lake. On that same page is the transcript.

Overcoming Procrastination with Napoleon Hill 17 Principles PosterIt takes you through dealing with procrastination and how helpful Napoleon Hill’s tenets are from Think and Grow Rich and Law of Success.  

Furthermore, it concludes by showing the different sizes and helpful poster sizing information. The poster is available in formal layout appearance, and in push pin layout style as seen in the image from the YouTube.

Overcome Procrastination and Take Action with Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Poster

The 17 Principles of Sucess poster is “a visual reminder to me to stay positive and focus on my goals …” as defined by Napoleon Hill. 

Here is an excerpt from the How To Get the Most Out of Your Life Video discussing creating the Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Poster.

“Due to popular demand, I created a small version, a Compact Edition, to suit a smaller space. The original is a 24- by 36-inch poster, and the Compact Edition is 11 by 17 inches. And of course, both are printed double-sided for the portrait and landscape layouts.

With these two sizes and two layouts to choose from, the 17 Principles Poster is perfect for offices, as well as dorm rooms and bedrooms; anywhere that you want to stay focused on success and inspire those around you.zIn 

When you focus on what matters most, and practice the principles of success, there’s really no limit to the dreams you can achieve…”

Happy Monday – Here’s to a great ACTION week in front of us!

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Overcoming Procrastination with Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Poster

YouTube How to Stay Focused, Achieve Your Goals, and Get the Most Out of Life; Posted by cmlStudios LLCPublished on Jun 12, 2018, image

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