Postmark’d Studio Snail Mailer Enamel Pin

Discovering the Postmark’d Studio Snail Mailer Enamel Pin is a great find. It is especially wonderful at the price of five dollars with free shipping!

Happy Sunday morning! It is Day 10 of InCoWriMo.

Postmark’d Studio Snail Mailer Enamel Pin 

First, here is the link. The PayPal checkout on the page is very easy to use and I LOVE the free shipping.

Postmark'd Studio Snail Mailer Enamel Pin
Postmark’d Studio Snail Mailer Enamel Pin image

“The snail mailer enamel pin is a perfect accessory for your letter-writing kit or tote bag or for adding a bit of bling to your denim jacket!

Pin size: 1.5″ w x 1″ h”

In addition, among Postmark’d Studio offerings is their POSTBOX “premium stationery subscription box for the snail-mail enthusiast delivered to your door every month”.

Furthermore, while on the site, check out the Postmark’d Special Delivery Boxes.

The weather here has dropped a LOT since Friday. I’m finishing up my Valentine’s to get into the mail on Monday.

In conclusion, I’m loving the letter writing theme accessory and looking forward to my order arriving! Join me tomorrow as we greet the new week, including Valentine’s on Thursday!

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