Pen+Gear LatchMate Storage Box with Caddy 14.5 qt

The Pen+Gear LatchMate Storage Box with Caddy is a perfect item for considering for our letter writing organization. The purchase price of fewer than eight dollars for the 14.5 qt size is great! The caddy fits inside the storage box.

On this Saturday morning, the day before St. Patrick’s Day, I’m enthusiastically sharing my latest organization find. Whether it is all current correspondence requiring replies, or for keeping stationery supplies, and/or a combo it is very useful.

I’m loving having this for the purpose of my central letter writing caddy of all mail requiring my focus and replying.

Pen+Gear LatchMate Storage Box with Caddy

I’m seeing the product listing for the 14.5 qt size at several online locations. I came across it while out and about earlier this week. It was while I was waiting for the oil change for my car while at a big box store. Furthermore, I’m considering getting another one for keeping in the car!

The photo I’m sharing of the 14.5 qt Pen+Gear LatchMate Storage Box with Caddy is of the label. For me, while shopping in person, the only color in stock was gray. The label is showing it available in other colors.

LatchMate Storage Box with Caddy Letter Writing Organization

This is a partial Product Overview from the Home Depot listing.

“The LatchMate+ is the perfect organization storage bin for all users. Its design is ideal for storing important papers or artifacts in the base while the removable caddy allows for compartmental storage above. The caddy is easy to remove to access base storage items. The comfortable built-in lid handle compresses for easy stacking and expands for quick transport…

  • Clear base allows you to see contents
  • Latching lid with convenient handle for transporting
  • Storage box with caddy has 14.5 qt. capacity
  • Removable caddy contains compartments for organizing small things …”

In conclusion, this is a perfect tie-in with the Work Clean book by Dan Charnas (3-05-2019) I was sharing last week.

The countdown continues: today is Lenten Letters expressing gratitude day 11, and AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1480! See you tomorrow on St. Patrick’s Day 2019!

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The image was taken by Helen Rittersporn



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