Work Clean – The Daily Meeze

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Work Clean – The Daily Meeze
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On this Saturday morning, I’m enthusiastically sharing the Work Clean Daily Meeze two-minute video highlighting the Work Clean book organization philosophy. The book is by Dan Charnas.

Even if you only watch the two minute video, it will inspire our time management aspirations!

In case you’ve been away this week, you may have missed my introducing the Work Clean book by Dan Charnas. Furthermore, on Thursday I was sharing an Update about receiving my order for the Work Clean book. Also, I’ve begun listening to the audiobook of it on Audible.

YouTube Work Clean – The Daily Meeze, posted by RodaleBooks, “Work Clean is the first organizational book inspired by the culinary world, taking mise-en-place outside the kitchen.”

WorkClean Website

And here is the link to the WorkClean website. If you go towards the bottom of that page one can subscribe to the mailing list.

The Work Clean message is powerful: 30 minutes daily planning session putting everything in place for the next day!

Here’s to working ahead – of course, I’m seeing the letter writing benefits to map out the day ahead who I’m writing and having my stationery ready to go!

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P.S. Today is Day 4 of my  expressing daily gratitude writing Lenten Letters 2019

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YouTube Work Clean – The Daily Meeze, posted by RodaleBooks, Published on Apr 29, 2016; image, excerpt

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