Free DaySpring Daylight Savings ecard

On this Daylights Savings Sunday morning, the DaySpring Daylight Savings ecards are free and very easy to send. Overnight at 2 AM Eastern, our clocks moved forward an hour.  Daylight savings ends November 3, 2019.

These are the three FREE Dayspring Daylight Savings ecard offerings at their site.

The navigation for sending is very easy.

I’m including a screenshot of the Spring Forward This Sunday Dayspring Daylight Savings ecard page.

For sending just click onto “EMAIL THIS ECARD” button. There is no request to give a credit card.

It then displays the “SEND THIS ECARD” form and just fill out, and at the bottom then press SEND.

When sending one just now it is very fast.

It is just recently I came across seeing Dayspring is owned by Hallmark. “In 1999, DaySpring was acquired by Hallmark Cards, Inc. from Cook Communications.”

It was just last night I was noticing it NOT DARK as early as it had been getting, and with the clock now moved forward an hour it will be lighter later in the evening.

If you are writing Lenten Letters, I’m hoping you are enjoying the daily routine!  See you tomorrow as we kick off the new week!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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DaySpring ecard, image, “About DaySpring” excerpt

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