1934 Mothers of America Three Cents Stamp

Happy Mother’s Day 2019 as we look at the 1934 Mothers of America Three Cents Stamp (USA-737). If you find yourself on the road today wishing you safe day trip travels. At the end of my post, I even have a movie suggestion to go see AT a movie theater today if you are looking for a GREAT one to go see!

1934 Mothers of America Three Cents Stamp

First, we look at the tie in with this stamp with my local stamp club! Next, is a Linn’s Stamp article sharing this is the only stamp specific for Mother’s Day and the design in part by a U.S. president. Lastly, I’m including a listing of my previous Mother’s Day blog posts on this day, especially since today is my fifth annual Mother’s Day post.

Wilmington Philatelic Society

There on the Wilmington Philatelic Society Home Page is the Mother’s Day stamp!

USA-737 1934 3¢ Mothers of America USPS Stamp
USA-737 1934 3¢ Mothers of America USPS Stamp

Wilmington was the home of Mrs. Anna Matilda McNeill Whistler. The stamp on our Logo includes a reproduction of the painting by James Abbot McNeill Whistler entitled, “Portrait of My Mother.” She was honored on the stamp (Scott #737) which was issued as a tribute to American mothers and first sold on May 2, 1934. It is known as the “Mother’s Day” stamp.”

For my stamp club buddies reading today’s post, I look forward to seeing you at our monthly meeting this week!  

Linn’s Stamp News

Next, from April 17, 2017, 1934 3¢ Mother’s Day stamp played an important role in U.S. stamp history” by Donna Houseman, I’m including the following excerpts.

“… For collectors of United States stamps, the only stamp issued specifically to honor mothers and their special day is the purple 3¢ commemorative stamp issued in 1934.

The stamp has the distinction of having been designed, at least in part, by a U.S. president.” …

“President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a stamp collector in his own right, received a request for a stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of U.S. artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, and another for a stamp to honor mothers, for mailing cards and letters for Mother’s Day.”

You’ll want to be sure to read the entire article!

Mystic Stamp

And finally, Mystic Stamp has 1934 Mothers of America Three Cents Stamp(s) available for purchase in different conditions: Mint Stamp, Used Single Stamp, Unused Stamp, and Used Stamp.

“Two perforated varieties of this stamp were produced, each on a different press. One is a perf. 11 x 10 1/2 rotary stamp, the other a perf. 11 flat plate stamp.”

Furthermore, I’m also seeing Classic First Day Covers available too.

Previous AnchoredScraps Mother’s Day Blog Posts

If you are new to my daily blog encouraging letter writing, or just wanting to revisit previous posts on this day, I’m including this recap listing of my Mother’s Day blog posts.

Go see Avengers Endgame movie on the large screen

By the way, if you find yourself wanting to go TO the movies today, be sure to catch the new three-hour long Avengers Endgame on the large screen. We saw it last night and it was great! I’m not going to give away any spoilers here. Rotten Tomatoes TOMATOMETER gives it a 95% rating, and the AUDIENCE SCORE is 89%.   Be sure to note it is a three-hour movie, so plan accordingly!

Upon getting home I pre-ordered the Avengers Endgame Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD, with the release date on May 24, 2019.    It is now in the queue along with Susan Boyle’s new CD “TEN” to be released on May 31, 2019.  She has a duet with Michael Ball that sold me the first time I heard it last week of them singing “A Million Dreams“.  My thanks to my Mom for her audio gift card to Amazon!

In conclusion, I’m going to quote myself from previous Mother’s Day posts here:

“… wishing each of you a Happy Mother’s Day, especially to Mom’s, to-be Mom’s, to-a-dear-friend-about-to-adopt-Mom, and this includes girl friends who are cat-Moms, and dog-Moms, and future dog-Moms – to each of you sending well wishes today.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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