Write When You Can Letter Writing Motivation!

Write When You Can Letter Writing Motivation is our title on this Thursday morning.

“Write when you can” was the closing sentiment from a Pen Pal letter I received earlier this week inspiring today’s blog!

First, not only did it inspire my then finding the Soup Can Rubber Stamp offering by 100ProofPress which we are looking at today, but it also has MOTIVATED me to write my pen pals more often. I’ll share my reflections on it in my closing.

Soup Can Rubber Stamp

Write When You Can Letter Writing Whimsy

The Soup Can Rubber Stamp 4639 is $7.75 plus shipping.

“Rubber stamp perfect for scrapbooking and art making.

Hard detailed images are deeply pressed into genuine red rubber. Next using a magnifying glass we trim the image and cushion together on a scroll saw with a close and perpendicular cut. The wood mount is smooth hard maple, 3/4 inches high with curved sized, custom cut to fit the image. The image on the top is permanently stamped with jet-black printer’s ink. 

NEW stamp .75 inch by 1.5 inch”

You will want to explore the many offerings at her Etsy Shop!

Write When You Can Letter Writing Motivation!

I’m now circling back from the beginning of this post.  Reading the closing sentiment of “Write when you can” has motivated me! One) to do a better job of writing more frequently to my Pen Pals – who are amazing!  Two) I’m printing off today’s post and it will be included in my reply letter to them!

Three) and the most important thing (and hardest to write) is sharing how it struck me to my core the realization I am missing out in the joy of writing regularly to several of my recurring pen pals.

100ProofPress Etsy Shop, Soup Can Rubber Stamp 4639

Furthermore, my sincere thanks to them for making the time to write, for their kindness in not chiding me for being behind in writing, and most importantly for their inspiration to remind me how special it is to correspond with your pen pal across the miles.

The volley of writing back and forth that old-style correspondence waits on the mail to connect is a treasure. In this digital instant communication world, the slowing down to put pen to paper IS worth doing!

I have several pen pals come to think of it who I’ll be sending a print of today’s post along with my next letter to them.  Of course, I have to now buy this Soup Can Rubber Stamp for any future Write When You Can letters!

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100ProofPress Etsy Shop

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