On Considering Back to School Projects

By on 8-05-2019 in Blog Post, Goal Setting

On Considering Back to School Projects
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Today’s post is On Considering Back to School Projects.

First, Happy Monday to everyone. I am hoping today finds you well.

Second, tomorrow I am planning on posting early – prior to an early morning dental surgery appointment. Nothing like having broken a crown recently so it is being addressed. My letter writing later this week I am sure will find me giving updates to family and pen-pal friends.

On Considering Back to School Projects

It is the second week of August, and with it I am looking at upgrading my smartphone. In addition, I am looking at taking a workshop resulting in my launching my podcasts. I am seeing a podcast a complement to AnchoredScraps, while still blogging daily!

Both of these mean once again getting out of my comfort zone and taking action.

How about you? Is there some project or projects you have been thinking about for a while?

Furthermore, both of these items have been “on the back burner” for a while. I continously remind myself, it is through our daily taking action that goals are met.

Stay tuned for more on both of these projects. 

Anchors Aweigh,  



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