Stamp Club Auction & being auctioneer

This morning I’m preparing for being the auctioneer for my local stamp club auction this evening. I’m including a short YouTube from an auction with the Hamilton Stamp Club, and their fast pacing has me considering us taking perhaps a similar approach for the Wilmington Philatelic Society (WPS) Auction. Also, there is a screenshot of the WPS Regular Auction Rules below. The point of today’s blog is encouraging us to volunteer to take on roles we may not think we are ready for right now; however, it really helps with the learning curve. And it is a plug to consider stamp collecting as a hobby pursuit!

Stamp Club Auction & being the auctioneer

Once a quarter we have a WPS Stamp Club Auction and tonight is my second one to be the auctioneer. Stepping into the shoes of retiring auctioneer Bruce is a great learning experience. Witnessing him take a lot of stamps up for sale and extrapolate about them still has me in awe. Everyone is most supportive of my willingness to volunteer for the role. I’m grateful for his cheering me on along with other stamp club buddies.

Hamilton Stamp Club

In doing research seeing how other stamp clubs have their auctions I came across 2009 YouTube Stamp Club Auction by the Hamilton Stamp Club. Furthermore, I’m including the logo on their website.

Wilmington Philatelic Society Stamp Club Auction Rules

WPS Stamp Club Auction Rules

Shortly after beginning my AnchoredScraps daily blog encouraging letter writing in 2015 I joined the Wilmington Philatelic Society (WPS). With as much letter writing as I do, it is natural wanting to know more stamps – and to resume a hobby I began in the 4th grade. It continues to be a joy being a member of WPS and thankful for the dear friends I’ve made these past four years through it.

By taking on being auctioneer, it is really helping me with learning terms – especially noted when reading from the WPS Auction Control Sheet club members fills out to go with the lots being sold.

In closing, I’m encouraging you, my buddies, reading my daily blog post to consider taking on volunteer roles even if outside comfort zone!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who I referenced above –

Wilmington Philatelic Society

Hamilton Stamp Club

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