Shoe Box Stamps


That’s what the label name reads on the lid of the shoe box.  The stamps shown in opening photo (upper left) are of some of the stamps inside said box.  What a delight it was to attend my first stamp club meeting of our local group last night!

The group was very welcoming and it was a joy to be with people who are excited about their hobby and shared enthusiasm for stamps.  I was one of two guests – and am now a new member!

Both photos taken today by Helen of the Shoe Box Stamps cover and inside of stamps.

About that shoe box…. it is from their from their lending library.  It was offered to me to take it home to look through.   Inside it has a check out index-card and you get to check out this shoe box full of stamps – for 5 cents each stamp and when you return at the following month’s stamp club meeting you bring money for how many you have selected.   One member shared with me that they had checked it out and had returned with $20 worth the following meeting – that’s a lot of stamps!      When I heard one member had many thousands I began to figure out this is a whole new world full of exciting possibilities for collecting.

In addition to the Shoe Box Stamps I was sent home with several magazines, a book, and a few other items – all of which I will begin sharing details in tomorrow’s post.

What was fun was already figuring out that it looks like I’m wanting to collect stamps with anchors – imagine !    This is going to be fun enhancing my letter writing experience!

Tomorrow will be our second Complement Thursday and we will continue our Focus on Stamps !

Anchors Aweigh,  




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