Whimsical Postcard ice cube

It is with a huge bit of whimsy we have our Saturday blog post this morning with looking at this Postcard ice cube.

While it is for a Christmas tree motif, the idea of ice (after the thought of potentially having ice at a premium when Hurricane Dorian was passing through) finds me enjoying the Postcard ice cube.

Postcard ice cube

The handmade Postcard ice-cube from Germany is from the catsonappletrees Etsy Shop with a listing price of $1.48 each.

“A Christmas tree made of ice cubes? This motif ensures a smile in the face of the recipient! So the annual Christmas wish becomes something very special.

Our postcards offer the right motif for every occasion-whether birthday, wedding, sickness or as a small greeting.”

Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post. In the meantime, here’s to being grateful for our many blessings – including availability of ice!

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