First Transcontinental Telephone Line Stamp & on staying current

This morning the First Transcontinental Telephone Line Stamp a fitting juxtaposition with sharing a few musings on staying current. I’m specifically referring to staying current with one’s Smartphone. Perhaps you still have (like me) your old cellphone in a tub that looks a LOT like the one Richard Gere was using in the movie Pretty Woman.

We are beginning with the background on why the soliloquy I’m sharing on upgrading my smartphone

Just yesterday, the ‘final straw’ for deciding to finally upgrade is discovering my Garmin Connect App no longer works on my old Samsung S5. It is requiring Android version 5.0 (also known as Android Lollipop). My reluctance to give up having a removable battery and memory have been the motivating factors. I’m seeing with the changing trends with technology, the need for those removable features is not as pressing. This means when my new smartphone arrives, I’m going to be leapfrogging from Android 4.4.2 version to Android 8.0 Oreo. In case you are wondering, I’ve gone with the Motorola Moto G6. Stay tuned for more details once it arrives!

First Transcontinental Telephone Line Stamp

In 1998 the USPS was issuing a series of 32¢ stamps, Celebrate the Century – 1910s which included the U.S. #3183e First Transcontinental Telephone Line.

“The word telephone comes from two Greek words meaning far and sound. In the mid-1800s, many inventors were working to develop a practical telephone, …
With phone lines extended across the continent and the help of new inventions – switchboards and amplifiers, telephone service between New York City and San Francisco began in 1915. The first phone call spanning the nation was made by Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Watson.”

Also, if you are new to my blog, you may enjoy reading a previous post, it was on Alexander Graham Bell Letters 3-03-2016.

Here’s to staying current with our technology, even if I do still have tucked away from my college dorm days the old Princess telephone! Join me tomorrow for my Friday blog post.

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