The Book of Letters American Correspondence

The Book of Letters American Correspondence is our letter writing focus today. It first came out in March 2019. Happy Wednesday!

We are beginning with this initial excerpt from the summary over at the Cokesbury website.

“The Book of Letters: American Correspondence is about the letter writing that occurred between two men growing up in different parts of the United States. Lutheran Pastor Les Seto and correctional worker, D H Fortin, developed a lasting friendship that began when they met in church. The two men’s lifelong interest in letter writing soon became apparent.

The ten-year span of letter writing between the two men began with sharing the news of Vacaville, CA (pop 96,000) and the smaller city of Waikoloa, HI. You’ll read an account of what was happening to both men during this time period.”…

About The Book of Letters American Correspondence Authors

The summary excerpt continues by telling us a little about the two of them.

“Americans have certainly struggled with unsettling events from natural disasters to mass shootings. Pastor Seto is comforting and informative as he teaches you how to achieve balance in this life, through scripture and prayer. He shares his own personal account of his struggles and accomplishments of ministering, through a fundamentally sound, understanding of God

In his chapters, Fortin shows how letter writing affected him and impacted the inmates he encouraged, while working as a senior counselor in the apex of his prison career.”…

Lastly, it then tells us what we can expect to get out of reading The Book of Letters American Correspondence

“Throughout time, writing letters has been an honorable method of sharing. This book’s how- to application teaches how you can be a blessing to others, by writing about your own experiences with prayer, and the joy of overcoming defeat.

Through reading poetry, songs, letters, and books, you’ll learn how authors Fortin and Seto, developed a desire to teach others their skills. You will read about President Thomas Jefferson, songwriter Fanny J. Crosby, author Amy Carmichael, Reverend Billy Graham, a poet, and others. Through their eyes, you will see the methods of reaching out to others with ideas and kind, heartfelt writing. You could be one of ‘The Thousand Points of Light.'”

Their pricing is looking competitive. Furthermore, I am seeing it available on Kindle if you prefer that format over paperback or hardcover.

Before closing, in writing today’s daily blog I am recalling writing a post during Lent on Love & Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters book by Andrews and Griffith (4-12-2017). I’m not recalling what I call many mundane topics in their letters, rather discussing items I would describe discussing at a dissertation level. I will be interested in seeing how today’s book, The Book of Letters American Correspondence, compares.

On an aside, I still enjoy including IRL (In Real Life) items in my letter writing. For example, successfully having a fantastic appliance repair person out to work on the fifteen-year-old dryer. In conclusion, I’m definitely looking forward to reading this book.  I will see if available at my library or may end up ordering it. Stay tuned!

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