Campaign Lap Desk Writing Set

If looking to splurge, the Campaign Lap Desk and Writing Set takes having one to a new level. 

Campaign Lap Desk & Writing Set by Authentic Models

This is not the folding laptop desk trays I see when visiting the big box stores with a twenty-dollar pricing range; the reason I’m saying splurge is the price is over $140. As far as the sizing the product description is showing the following: “15.9 in. W x 10 in. D x 3.9 in. H. The writing surface measures approx. 10 inches by 14 inches when the top is extended.”

Campaign Lap DeskThe listing is by Authentic Models for the Campaign Lap Desk.

  • “French finish distressed, bronze hinges, secret hiding spots, special place for inkwells, styluses and lots of papers
  • Accessories include two belle poque styluses and bottle of Black ink
  • Classic campaign accessory
  • Made of Wood, Brass, Glass, and Ink
  • Brown, Tan, Black, and Gold finish”

I’m recalling writing a previous blog post from 4-24-2017 on Quest continues for the perfect Antique Style Writing Lap Desk for Letter Writing, that one is showing current pricing at ninety dollars price range. Even if all we are doing is creating a wish list folder and putting this in it for a future day, it is a lot of fun considering it for our letter writing endeavors. It is perfect for letter writing!

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