On Time Delivery – The Dog Team Mail Carriers

On Time Delivery – The Dog Team Mail Carriers is a book by William Schneider from 2012.

First, you know how when most people are bundled up, there is someone showing up wearing shorts and says, you think THIS is cold weather! And sure enough, earlier today, there was a golfer in shorts out on the course – no kidding.

I’m also including this link to my blog post on the Alaskan Dog Sled Mail Carrier (1-02-2018).

On Time Delivery – The Dog Team Mail Carriers
On Time Delivery The Dog Team Mail Carriers

This is the first time I’m seeing a publisher offer a book format for ordering in not only paper, or pdf, but also a PDF 30-day rental, available through the University of Alaska Press. The Author is by William Schneider.

It includes three maps and is in 6 x 9 size.

“From the turn of the twentieth century in interior Alaska, dog team mail carriers were charged with maintaining the trail systems and carrying the mail until they were replaced in the late 1930s and ’40s by airplane mail service. … In addition to chronicling the history of this unique postal service, On Time Delivery pays tribute to the men who carried the mail and the families who supported them, and considers the changing nature of how people experience the country where they live …

William Schneider was the curator of oral history at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1981 until his retirement as professor emeritus in 2011…”

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