iluvdesign Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape

The Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape is perfect for affixing to the back of our envelopes. With this month of February letter writing underway, I’m finding myself looking for different washi tapes.  Am I the only person though that usually when using washi tape, a lot of times I find myself adding a layer of clear tape on top of it for firmly sealing when using on envelopes for mailing letters? 

Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape
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The Etsy Shop iluvdesign, out of Houston, Texas we have previously included in previous blog posts: Vintage Goodies Washi Tape (8-18-2019) which I was using last week for the perfect vintage look (and that washi tape is very wide and no adding tape onto the top of it to “make sure it sticks“); in addition, my blog post on SaturDays Washi Tape Planner Supplies (4-21-2018). 

iluvdesign Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape

In addition to using in our letter writing, at the iluvdesign Etsy Shop, uses for the Vintage Typewriter Washing Tape includes paper crafting projects, scrapbooking, arts & crafts and packaging is also shown as a great use.

“This tape is perfect to use on any of your paper projects! This tape is perfect for all paper projects! Use as a border to make unique scrapbook pages! This tape has the perfect amount of adhesive; letting the tape hold firm when it needs to and; if needed; being able to remove with minimal chance of tear.”

The 5m rolls of 30mm wide washi tape pricing are less than $4 a roll. Enjoy exploring!

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