Doctors Mayo 1964 Stamp & First Day Cover

The Doctors Mayo 1964 Stamp & First Day Cover is the last of three themed posts this weekend.

In preparing for writing this post, I came across an article over at MayoClinicLabs from 2017. In it, it shares about the 1964 postage stamp honoring the Mayo Brothers. Secondly, the article shares about the grassroots effort begun in 1957 for the commemorative stamp. Thirdly, the description of the First Day of Issue was especially interesting (and I include it below).

Doctors Mayo 1964 Stamp 

First, I’m including this excerpt from the stamp itself.

“U.S. #1251 honors the Mayo brothers, who founded the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research…

The Mayo Clinic evolved in stages, beginning with the practice of Dr. William W. Mayo and his two sons, Dr. William J. Mayo and Dr. Charles H. Mayo, in Rochester, Minnesota. This practice flourished, and in 1914, the sons built their own medical center in Rochester.” 

Furthermore, in the article I was referencing above, I enjoyed reading about the First Day of Issue.

“Mayo Clinic medical artist John Hutcheson designed the official First Day of Issue cachet envelope.

Postmaster General John Gronouski came to Rochester to dedicate the new stamp. R. Putnam Kingsbury, a Mayo Clinic administrator and stamp enthusiast, led the committee that planned the dedication…

The Rochester Stamp Club, headed by Charles Tannert, prepared the official cachet envelope for the stamp and held a regional meeting for stamp enthusiasts. John Hutcheson, a Mayo Clinic medical artist, illustrated the cachet envelope. During the first day of sale, the Rochester Post Office handled some 500,000 covers—a remarkable number for a city whose population barely topped 50,000…”

Doctors Mayo 1964 First Day Cover 

You’ll notice I came across two envelope cachets at Mystic Stamp.

In addition, in reading about the stamp the following I’m including:

“Thus the Mayo Clinic introduced the concept of medical specialties, including orthopedics (1912), neurology (1913), thoracic surgery (1915), dermatology (1916), and pediatrics (1917)…

In 1919, the Mayo brothers turned over their practice, and the majority of their life savings, to a not-for-profit, charitable organization that maintains the Mayo Clinic. More than five million people have been treated at the Mayo Clinic, which today includes three clinics and four hospitals. These facilities employ 25,000 doctors, scientists, nurses, and health workers united to serve patients. This makes the Mayo Clinic one of the world’s largest medical centers.”

Finally and to recap these three blog posts this weekend, Friday – Famous Americans 1940 Dr. Walter Reed 5c Stamp & FDC First Day Cover; Saturday – 1950s: Polio Vaccine Developed Stamp, and today – Doctors Mayo 1964 Stamp & First Day Cover. 

Join me tomorrow as we kick off the new week.  Behind the scenes, the website migration is still in the queue; however, I’m being told instead of up to 12 to 14 days, it is taking about 20 days. Stay tuned!

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1964: Postage Stamp Honors the Mayo Brothers #ThrowbackThursday by Alyssa Frank, August 31, 2017

Mystic Stamp Company #1251 1964 5c Doctors Mayo




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