Adorable Easter Pink Lined Printable Stationery at CreationsByLouCo Etsy

The Easter Pink Lined Printable Stationery is adorable. It is by CreationsByLouCo Etsy. With a week from today Good Friday, there is time for using this for “in-house snail mail delivery” and sending through the outdoor mailbox too.

Easter Pink Lined Printable Stationery CreationsByLouCo

If the Etsy Shop CreationsByLouCo is sounding familiar, we were looking at one of her designs back in February. 

One of the things I LOVE about her layouts is it is all homemade stationery she does by hand and then digitizes it so can have printable stationery at home.

Next, I’m including several photos of some of her other beautiful Easter Printable Designs.

Happy Easter Bunny & Chick CreationsByLouCo Etsy
Easter Eggs Printable CreationsByLouCo Etsy

The price point is amazing with the SALE at $1.26 for each of the individual printable layouts. Whereas the set of 3 SALE for the Easter Pink Lined Printable is $2.45.

Easter Chicks Printable Lined Stationery Instant Download Stationery CreationsByLouCo Etsy

Furthermore, the Easter Chicks Printable is one she was able to put together today! I have already purchased and am using it. 

The size is 8.5 x 11 Printable. And once purchase the watermark is not included with the instant downloadable file.

In closing, I know this has not been the “typical” Lent season this year. In the midst of so much unknown, I’m finding joy in my daily routine finding time for unplugging from technology. During that time I’m getting in some letter writing sending Easter greetings, and making my way through my inbox of pen-pal correspondence!  It is fun sending out something cherry and fun which I’m really a fan of CreationsByLouCo Etsy Shop!  

See you tomorrow for my Saturday blog post.

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