Revisiting Round Tuit Letter-Writing

Revisiting Round Tuit Letter-Writing is timely given the stay-at-home “extra” time many of us are finding ourselves with these days.

Round TUIT Tokens multi-pack over at Trainers Warehouse

One of the first times I recall hearing about Round Tuits was while listening to one of Zig Ziglar’s motivational tapes. Back then the format was on audio cassette tape. In fact, I still keep an old audio cassette player for replaying some of them as they are such classic motivators, especially on goal setting. It is not the same player from years ago; however, I’m sure if I were to dig, that story of the Round Tuit is in there among the set of tapes I still have, and I still have a LOT of them!

Previously I’ve included a few blog posts on the Round Tuit Letter Writing: Addressing Round Tuit Letter Writing with Round Tuit Stamp, October 30, 2019; Getting Round TUIT Letter Writing October 24, 2018; and Finally Writing Round Tuit Letters, May 30, 2017.

There is a set of 24 Round TUIT Tokens multi-pack over at Trainers Warehouse for $11.95.  It has three colors and three styles with a 1.5″ diameter.

Get “a round TUIT”!

There’s no better way to say “Don’t procrastinate! Do it NOW” than with a “A ROUND TUIT.”

With each passing day, students forget a little bit of what they learned. Use TUITs to remind students to try out what they learned right away…

It is the last weekend of April 2020. A week from today will find us greeting May! This weekend, and/or next week is a great time to write a letter and send it to someone special. Join me tomorrow for my Saturday blog post, I know I’ll get a ROUND TUIT!

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