Horse Racing 1974 Stamp: 100th Anniversary Kentucky Derby

The Horse Racing 1974 stamp commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Kentucky Derby.  If you are doing a double-take on dates, you are correct, usually, it is the first Saturday in May; however, this year will be the 146th Kentucky Derby and it is rescheduled to September 5 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now is a great time to include some mint in a container garden or in the yard, knowing mint juleps this September. More on that below in a category I’m calling “Pen Pal prompt”.

Furthermore, I’m including a link to a previous blog post of mine which includes the 1999 33c Secretariat U.S. stamp. 

Horse Racing 1974 stamp celebrated 100th Anniversary Kentucky Derby

The USPS Horse Racing 1974 stamp, #1528 was 10 cents postage.

“Kentucky has long been associated with champion race horses.  First run in 1875, the Kentucky Derby is the longest-running horse racing event in the United States.  …  The contest is for 3-year-old horses, running one and a quarter miles…”

Horse Racing 1974 Stamp Fleetwood First Day Cover
1974 10c Horse Racing Stamp, #1528, Fleetwood First Day Cover at Mystic Stamp

Pen Pal prompt

Before closing, for my master gardener enthusiasts out there, I’m seeing a “Kentucky Colonel Mint Seeds” when doing a search on mint. Does anyone have experience with which mint to be growing? When I come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever had a mint julep! Oh, the things to pen pal with this week!  This is something new, having a Pen Pal prompt, and I am already looking forward to what the snail mail brings from it!

Mother’s Day Is a Week Away

Next Sunday, a week from today, is Mother’s Day 2020! We are running out of procrastination time! Tomorrow, Monday is a great day to put into the snail mail if mailing. See you tomorrow as we kick off the new week.

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

Mystic Stamp Company #1528

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