Carbon Paper Typing Creativity (while waiting on typewriter ribbon to arrive)

The title of Carbon Paper Typing Creativity sums it up best.

It is especially so when reading what follows in between the parentheses: (while waiting on typewriter ribbon to arrive).

Over the weekend, my “new” Royal Custom typewriter arrived. Immediately I ordered a typewriter ribbon and included a package of Carbon Paper. 

First, I’m including some of the vintage carbon paper available on Etsy.

Today the carbon paper arrived. It is by Pelikan.

While I’m still waiting on the typewriter ribbon, earlier, I was able to try out the idea and yes, it works!  

By placing a sheet of carbon paper between two sheets of paper, I was able to try out typing on the Royal.  While it is a bit of typing without getting to see the text, it does imprint onto the sheet of paper behind the carbon paper. 

Carbon Paper Typing Creativity - Pelikan

Prior to placing my order for carbon paper on Saturday, I did do some poking around. In seeing someone’s brief video of them trying out this very thing – their YouTube using carbon paper in place of a ribbon was confirming to me – that I was on the right trail. However, (and I know using a totally different typewriter and paper than what was shown), my paper with the carbon paper typed onto is not as crisp as shown in that video. This leads me to I think my typewriter keys probably needing a good cleaning. 

While I’m not looking at doing this often I am happy having it as an option, if in an emergency. It is not something I’m looking for as a replacement for a typewriter ribbon. Stay tuned as I continue to explore the option!  See you tomorrow for my Wednesday blog post. Until then….. cc:

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following referencing today

CompleteEstate ETSY Carbon Paper Vintage Sheets Allied & Stenno Black

Treasurecovetadore Etsy Vintage box full of unused black Old Town Carbon Paper

TheVintagePrincipal Etsy Vintage Silver Craft Carter’s Superfine Quality Carbon Paper

Pelikan 100 sheets Carbon Transfer Graphite Tracing Paper Black Tracing on Wood, Canvas, and Handwriting Copy at Amazon

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