Rocket J Squirrel & Writing Monday Encouraging Letters

Rocket J Squirrel & Writing Monday Encouraging Letters is how we are kicking off the third week of June 2020.

If you have not had your first cup of coffee, hot tea, and/or diet coke yet, it may be too early for recalling just where you know Rocket J Squirrel. 

Drumroll …….. Of course – from Rocky and Bullwinkle!

Rocky and Bullwinkle-Daisy's in Black-1 Yard Total- OOP on Etsy

The header image I’m showing which over at Etsy is (no kidding) Rocky and Bullwinkle – Daisy’s in Black – 1 Yard Total listing.

Rocket J Squirrel & Writing Monday Encouraging Letters

Next, from my “Rocky & Bullwinkle Savings Stamp club” blog post on September 5, 2015.

In addition, I’m so glad I wrote this blog post, Remembering June Foray Voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel, July 29, 2017. June was 99 years old!

Remembering June Foray Voice

This morning, I’m suggesting TODAY Writing Monday Encouraging Letters, with it being plural, I’m suggesting a minimum of writing two. If you want, you can even write and mail one to yourself! (I do this with postcards when traveling, sending one to us so it is greeting us upon returning, and it is great for the scrapbook.)

We have two weeks in front of us between the end of the month, and it will be the end of the Second Quarter 2020, and along with it, the end of First Half of 2020 taking us to the midpoint of the year. If you’ve been meaning to write a few letters, all the more reason to do so now.

Here’s to a great week ahead! Until tomorrow…

Anchors Aweigh,  


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