Fathers Day 2020

On this Fathers Day 2020 I’m remembering Dad.

This year I’m recalling while he was in High School my Dad was working part-time repairing radios, think vacuum tube ones!

eBay item number:124231136162 2020-06-21
Love seeing the inside tubes

Antique Arvin vintage tube radio restored and working

In writing today’s blog, I’m remembering Dad sharing years ago that prior to transistor radios, there were tube radios.

And while I do not have any photos of ones he personally worked on, in looking around I’m enjoying finding this antique Arvin vintage tube radio. It is in process of an auction over on eBay going on right now for the next six days.

Here is a partial excerpt.

“Up for sale is a 1936 Arvin antique tube radio model 417 “Rhythm Baby” in compact tombstone cabinet with “V” grill bars and a round dial.
It is 4 tube AM/Police radio with two rotary controls for on/off/volume and tuning. Band switch is in back.
Radio was recapped. All tubes were tested and replaced as needed, controls cleaned and lubed.
New dial light and external antenna were installed.
AM reception is good.
Cabinet was cleaned and hand rubbed with Finish Restorer…
Dimensions are: 9″x7″x12″…”

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I’m closing today’s blog (as I do each year on this day) with Happy Father’s Day Daddy.

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eBay Antique Arvin vintage tube radio restored and working, eBay item number:124231136162




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