DAPHNE’S DIARY Folding teapot paper project

Daphne’s Diary Folding teapot paper project printable is a treat to discover – and it is free! First, a warm welcome to our newest AnchoredScraps email blog subscriber!

While at Barnes & Noble earlier this afternoon, I came across an issue of Daphne’s Diary magazine. 

The magazine issue is beautiful and I’m thinking it “was awaiting someone to take it home”. I’m planning to go back later this week and do just that and take it home to read!

In looking at the Contact Page on Daphne’s Diary website, the address is in The Netherlands.

While glancing at the back of the magazine, I began smiling seeing notecards available online at her DAPHNE’S Store!

The website is beautifully designed and full of so much creative inspiration. 

In reading from the FAQ, the first issue of the magazine was in May of 2012, and there are eight issues a year. 

Furthermore, from the Contact page, I’m including this partial excerpt.

“… This diary magazine is produced from four types of paper and includes extra items, such as stickers, cards and things to fold, stick and cut out yourself.

We publish a creative diary every year, in the same style as the magazine. There is also a Daphne’s Diary birthday calendar, magazine holder, gift box, fragrance sachets, hangers, labels, cards, letter paper, envelopes etc.”

DAPHNE'S DIARY Folding teapot paper project printable
DAPHNE’S DIARY Folding Teapot Paper project, clickable image linking to her site

On the DAPHNE’S DIARY Downloads page, there are many items available for downloading. This includes the Paper Project Folding Teapot; it is a one-page pdf file ready for printing and then cut and assemble. 

Be sure to get a cup of hot tea, coffee, and/or Diet Coke, and enjoy browsing the site, especially searching on the DAPNE’s World page.

By the way, Barnes & Noble was not crowded, and everyone I did see was wearing a mask. In addition, everyone was observing social distancing. 

As an aside, while at the store, I did get to see a box of stationery previously blogged about here – “Time for Cup of Tea and A Teacup Collection Notes” (January 14, 2019). This is yet another item, for me to circle back soon and pick up a set. 

Before closing, it is a joy to see today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1950!  In just 50 more days, we will be celebrating milestone post #2000 on August 17, 2020. 

Thank you for joining me today. See you tomorrow as we kick off the new week! Until then…

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