Helen’s typewriter collection

Helen’s typewriter collection continues to expand since first blogging here over five years ago. At the time I only had one typewriter, and now I am up to seven.

My first typewriter, which I have had since the mid-1980’s is the Olivetti Lettera 22.

The second typewriter to my collection, is from my blog post, “Dad’s Typewriter” from May 30, 2015. It was my birthday gift that year from my Mom, passing on Dad’s typewriter to me. The Olympia SM3 Typewriter, still thinking around 1958 for the year. It traveled the world (literally) with him.

The typewriter has a wonderful sound when typing along with it!

Next, the third typewriter arrived from Ellen. A Hermes 3000. It types like a dream. I love this typewriter! 

It is my go-to typewriter currently for everyday use.

Typewriter number four in my modest collection is the Remington Rand Model 5.  I have recently finally been successful getting the old musty smell out of it. This was a find from Craig’s list a few years ago.

THIS is the same typewriter that is beautifully captured by professional photographer Brian Quinby which is on my landing page and in the banner and footer. 

This is my latest typewriter which arrived last weekend.

It is the Royal Custom, which I was referencing in my daily post earlier in the week. It is in really beat up condition – yet it works! I’m looking at learning basic typewriter maintenance and repairs on it.

Behind the scenes, Cooper was wanting to “help” me take the photos! 

Helen's Typewriter Collection

You are seeing this correct, there is room for “one more” typewriter for my case. My little collection continues to grow. 

I am currently investigating getting a cursive typewriter!

Helen's Typewriter Collection 2020

Something to be mindful of, I will be getting the photos I have taken redone with better lighting, especially of showing them in the case.

For today, I am wanting to at least get them queued up and sharing here in this blog post. This means, stay tuned for a future Addendum!

Thank you for joining me today. I’ll be sharing more in the near future about my quest for a cursive typewriter. And I will be including today’s post within an upcoming page I’ll be adding here on the website.

In the meantime, see you tomorrow…

Anchors Aweigh,  




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