Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection

There is a Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection over at eBay that I am whimsically sharing about today, especially given its Buy It Now price of $2700.  

One of the reasons I’m sharing it is I think it is fantastic someone has successfully put together a collection and I’m wanting to have photos of it for referencing later, when I may be trying to find out what else is “out there” in expanding my very small typewriter ribbon tin collection.

Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection

From eBay listing: “210! TIN Bonanza Vintage & Rare Typewriter Ribbon & Household Tin Can Collection, Gathered by a passionate collector in the 90’s!”

“This lovely collection was gathered by a passionate classic logo designer, photographer and artist who had an eye for vintage tins as collector in 1990’s Los Angeles, California. His personal website can be viewed here:

Included are:

176 Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tin Cans (16 made of square paper boxes and 1 ultra rare circular ribbon can made of paper! 47 have ribbon, 129 have no ribbon, 3 are rectangle tins, 17 are square ribbon tins, 1 is only a circle lid/no bottom, the rest are all complete and in lovely vintage/good or excellent condition.)

Additionally, Sunny treasure hunted 34 Household & unique tins, many of which still have original contents.”

I’m sharing several of the photos from the eBay listing, not all of them.

The eBay seller is a member since 2002 with 100% positive feedback and I applaud the listing being available. Who knows, perhaps someone reading this blog post may find themself led to purchase it! It is truly a beautiful collection and should I win the lottery anytime soon it is on my wish list!

Closing thoughts today...

Expanding my small Vintage typewriter ribbon tin collection is something I’m finding is the case this month.

Between looking at items on Etsy, and on eBay there are listings for typewriter tins.  It has been a long while since I was initially sharing about it in one of my posts in 2017. Currently, I’m waiting for an order to arrive. It was made recently when ordering a replacement ribbon for my Remington Rand manual typewriter.

My AnchoredScraps website got updated to WordPress 5.4.2 today; I’m reading it is a security and maintenance release. “WordPress 5.4.2 is a short-cycle maintenance release. The next major release will be version 5.5.” One of the reasons I’m mentioning this is there are several email blog subscribers who use WordPress too!

Here’s to enjoying and celebrating having a vintage typewriter tin collection. Whether it may be a small in number or massive the joy in discovering is present! Join me tomorrow for my Friday blog post. Until then…

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1933 as we continue en route to #2000 milestone on August 17, 2020.

Attribution & Thank you to the following referencing today

eBay listing eBay item number:233606954623 by xstatic_xplosion LINK

AnchoredScraps Collecting Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tins, October 3, 2017. WordPress 5.4.2 Security and Maintenance Release, Posted June 10, 2020, by Jake Spurlock

Addendum note to self about the images showing from the listing. I am showing all of the images from the listing for the typewriter tins, however, it does not include the “household & unique tins” which is referenced above in the description excerpt. It is noteworthy among those, there is a “Mail Box Bank” with a key still in its original packaging and appears unopened in one of the group photos not showing. Furthermore, my thanks to the ebay seller for including images of front AND back of each of the items. That is why you will see what looks like the same image twice at first glance.



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