Typewriter Inspired Retro Design Rymek Chic Mechanical Keyboard by KnewKey works on both USB and Bluetooth

The Typewriter Inspired Retro Design Rymek Chic Mechanical Keyboard by KnewKey works on both USB and Bluetooth. 

Typewriter Inspired Retro Design Rymek Chic Mechanical Keyboard by KnewKey works on both USB and Bluetooth

It was just six weeks ago I was choosing the Pink and White Keyboard ordering it from KnewKey website.

Something to note is definitely worth the waiting – in my case,  almost exactly six-week waiting. One of the reasons I chose it is because of it working on both USB and Bluetooth – which since unboxing mine on Saturday I have been successfully doing both – the USB with my Samsung laptop and Bluetooth with my iPad. 

We are beginning with their one minute video introducing it.

As I was mentioning before, it supporting BOTH Bluetooth AND USB ended up being the deciding factor for me over another company. I love the functionality of the Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard.

That other company I came across also has a beautiful design; however, theirs was only working on Bluetooth and I knew I would be wanting USB too.

Now that it is here and I’m using it – I’m so glad I can use it on a wide variety of devices.

Typewriter Inspired Retro Design Rymek Chic Mechanical Keyboard by KnewKey

First of all, the wonderful news is on sale! Not only is it feeling great typing on it, but it is also sounding great too, seriously the click-clacking of pressing the keys.

The sale pricing is $154.00 USD from $224.00. 

With 13 Reviews I’m seeing a 4.9-star rating. 

“Elegant Retro Design: match your unique and chic taste
Both Bluetooth Wireless And USB Wired Connectivity Supported: suits for all kinds of using purpose
Windows / macOS / iOS / Android System Supported: able to connect with iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iPhone, and other devices
Pair With Up To 3 Devices Simultaneously: allow to connect with 3 devices and switch among with short cuts, increase your productivity greatly
LED Dynamic Backlight: boost your typing accuracy at night and be more enjoyable when gaming
Integrated Tablet Stand: easy and convenient to hold your iPad and smartphone
Blue Switch: the audible click sound Is so good and brings you excellent tactile bump feel …”

Rounding out the order is the great user manual and I am keeping it nearby.

Furthermore, over at the KnewKey About page I’m loving the tagline, “Make Technology More Artistic”.

I’m including this grouping of images from the page for the pink and white keyboard which is the one I am now enjoying!

Also, here is a link to their indiegogo campaign from August 2018. “Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Vintage-inspired design | Dual Bluetooth/USB mode | Dynamic backlit keys | Support all OS”.

Before wrapping up, it is incumbent on me to share that one really needs to be willing upfront to realize will need patience while anticipating the delivery of this item.

They do mention on their website if it has been longer than a month, please mention that when contacting them. In addition, I found their customer support team very helpful after that magical one month mark, especially when got to week five. At that point then they were following up and then providing the tracking information. I would buy from them again.

When I was unboxing it yesterday, it was thrilling to finally be opening it, making it worth the wait! (And it is a great birthday splurge gift which I sincerely appreciate!)

Thank you for joining me today. Here’s to a great week ahead! Tomorrow we start a whole new week – until then!

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‘Rymek Retro Mecha Mechanical Keyboard KnewKey pink and white

indiegogo campaign

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