Dear Data Postcard Kit

Discovering the Dear Data Postcard Kit from 2017 is for corresponding between two friends (aka two pen pals!)

The full title is Dear Data Postcard Kit: For Two Friends to Draw and Share. It is by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. 

Over at their Dear-Data website, it includes them describing thedeardataproject and we learn as a result of their experiences of writing each other for a year, they are now sharing the method and offering their Dear Data Postcard Kit for others to have their own corresponding.

DearData postcards back and forth photo collage from their website

They are presenting it in the form of a question asking if you are “Ready to draw your data with a friend?”.  Furthermore, it continues with the following.

“Hello Dear Data Friends, we have news! Since so many of you are drawing your own data, we’ve been inspired to launch the Dear Data Postcard Kit”.

And describes its contents as follows.

“Two sets of blank postcards (with data prompts!), Dear Data prints, and instructions for how to start drawing your data, all neatly packaged so you can send one half to a friend / future pen pal and keep one for yourself!”

In addition, on their website, there are several videos of their project for viewing. And there is also a 300-page book they have authored which one can read about too. 

It is truly fascinating and I really enjoyed reading many of the complimentary press reviews on their DearData press page. 

Have fun exploring the site, and see if a friend of yours comes to mind to participate in a letter-writing project together such as this one – sending Dear Data postcards (and drawing too) to each other!

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DearData Website

DearDataPostcardKit for Two Friends for ordering at Amazon, lists for $16.95 



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