Focus on keys reflections

Focus on keys reflections is aptly titled for a day of working (and realizing) the use of multiple keys today! As in software license keys, keys to following up on Cooper, and a reminder set too.   The day has included working on getting out several more of the ‘genuine souvenirs’ en route to those on snail mail sign up list.

Before beginning, thank you for checking on Cooper, all worked out and he is fine. At the end of today’s blog post, I’m including the rest of the story on it (think along the lines fitting for a comedian clown).

Focus on keys reflections

Today has found myself chasing applying software license keys for updating a particular WordPress premium software package. This is prompting my focus on keys reflections as I have been navigating several mazes of where to click next between the WP dashboard and the software site. Add to this getting a new WP upgrade today to 5.5.  In addition, having the software say I’ve already applied it to three sites (when I had not!).  It is all worked out now, but what a maze!

There is also a very long spiel about Zoom; however, for today, it is enough to say I have a workaround!

The rest of the story on Cooper and his tooth

A long story short, it turns out there is no missing tooth.  Rather for what it was, think of a comparison something similar to when having a kernel of corn stuck between one’s tooth. The idea is apparently in his case a portion of a red something was stuck between his lower teeth; however, when appearing in front of the veterinarian there was no sign of anything. Add to that all his teeth are fine!  It is with relief and shaking my head for the latest with this four-year-old rascal of our family dog!

Recurring Healthy Reminder Key 

For our last item, as we wrap up it is a recurring reminder key of mine. It is something I strive to do and find it helps with maintaining my weight loss. It is my remembering to incorporate doing these three things daily: minimum daily intake of WATER, a routine of getting a decent amount of sleep each night, and the treadmill (physical activity) each day. With the three of them working together I find it most helpful.
Are there three items you find that time and again emerge as they really make a difference for you? 
Here’s to keeping those keys out front and center even while in the midst of so much going on each day.

 Anchors Aweigh,  




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