Letter Writing Summer Memories 2020

Letter Writing Summer Memories 2020 is what I’m thinking when looking at this inviting image of pitcher and glass of summer punch with strawberries and beautifully sitting on a patch of grass beckoning me outside. 

Letter Writing Summer Memories 2020

Outside! When we look back at the sentiments captured in Letter Writing Summer Memories, especially for 2020, the appeal of returning outside to our own backyard –  is weighing even more popular for so many reasons.

With it being Summer, our letters can be shorter. And perhaps sending outgoing letters more frequently. I’m envisioning summer-themed postcards from my own backyard! Which includes – yes! – the return of THE ROCK for covering the well in our backyard! (Another story to share in a future post…)

On this Wednesday morning, during the second week of August 2020, the summer days are slipping by too quickly. Can I freeze time for a few minutes longer and enjoy it a little longer? Yes! Through my letter writing.

I’m inviting you to join me this morning, and write ONE note to a friend. And don’t worry that they are going to fall out of their chair hearing from you – Au Contraire! Knowing someone took the time to put pen to paper and write to you is such a wonderful gift of time and appreciated!

Back to the wonderful imagery, I was first sharing at the beginning of today’s daily blog post. Of course, this is my idealized idea of sitting outside on the back yard with pitcher and glass; however, if I am practical it becomes a plastic tumbler with a cover and a plastic pitcher all dog-proofed to protect from a run to “share” with me. It’s all okay, I can still write about it and smile knowing it is the thought that counts!

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