Saturday Letter Writing Search Results

It is Saturday Letter Writing Search Results this morning as we debut the new search results page in the format I have been envisioning. With a nod to Saturday morning cartoons reflected in the blog post title card, I put together let’s get started! 

It is a joy to finally be debuting today’s show & tell!

Before beginning, sharing with my WordPress buddies who are email blog subscribers here – the more I delve into using Elementor Pro, the more I am really enjoying it with WordPress! 

Saturday Letter Writing Search Results

For starters, when entering the words “Saturday Letter Writing” into search, it returns 217 blog posts found. In addition, it shows 28 pages to go through viewing them with 8 posts per page display.  

Furthermore, if you are looking for a few search word ideas I’m including a few suggestions: sea glass, daisy, movies, stationery, fountain pen,  stamps, typewriter, postcard, printable, books, wax seals, bicycle, butterfly, handwriting,  telegram, and of course any variation of a letter as in letters, Anniversary, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

In addition, try putting several words together – in memory, letter writing month, Wilmington Philatelic Society.

Lastly, you can enter a name, i.e. Cooper!  

I’m looking forward to having Mom try out navigating around the blog using the search feature on her computer. 

In case anyone is not as familiar with navigating using a search bar, I’m including a screenshot along with arrows showing how it displays.

As we wrap up today, I’m cognizant of it being daily blog post #1998! Thank you for continuing to be on this daily journey with me.

Here’s to a great Saturday, see you tomorrow!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


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