Three Postcard Views of SnailMail Genuine Souvenir Postcard

This morning we have Three Postcard Views of SnailMail Genuine Souvenir Postcard.  My sincere thanks to Tally, Patti, and Cathy for sending in their photos – all from North Carolina. 

By putting together the collage of the three of the photos they sent me, it calls to mind this really is an example of a picture worth a thousand words – in this case 3000!  I’m loving the different views and creative photography taking shape and realize taking the photo while also being the one to hold the postcard in place can make for some interesting dexterity with a camera to stay still! Again, thank you to each of you.  I know there are many of the postcards still en route with the mail. Be sure to send in a photo of where yours arrived and I’ll include in a future post.

In case you missed it, here is the link to my August 7, 2020 blog post debuting the snail mail sign up.

Three Postcard Views of SnailMail Genuine Souvenir Postcard

Yesterday found me having a photoshoot up at Topsail Island. I’m so happy with how the landscape scenes turned out from the over 300 photos I took! There are five images I am especially delighted with their imagery. In the coming weeks, I’ll be able to share more about them and debut some of them.  I’m off to continue post-production on them. In addition, taking Cooper on a walk – we have some letters to put into the outgoing mailbox this morning – and to do so between rain storms!

Before closing, a warm welcome to our newest subscribers here at AnchoredScraps! Here’s to a great day ahead taking action!

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