Goal Setting Checkpoint Time! Less than 6 weeks to go in 3rd Quarter

It is time for having a Goal Setting Checkpoint! I’m mindful of there being Less than 6 weeks to go in 3rd Quarter 2020! This morning while having your coffee, hot tea, diet coke, and/or water, with your breakfast consider pulling out a calendar and LOOK at what is in front of us. 

It is time to revisit and declare actual timelines. The Project Manager in me finds me focusing on striving to get out a LOT of items within the next six weeks.

You may enjoy browsing over some of my previous blog posts on Goal Setting.

Yesterday I was noticing the school bus back in the neighborhood telling me back to school is here! The weather has been (a little) cooler too. 

Thank you for the photos you are sending of the Genuine Souvenir mailbox views. Tomorrow I’m planning on sharing more of them! Right now I’m off to go do the happy dance having figured out HOW to get the transparent header to WORK in Elementor Pro, Ta Dahhhhhh!

Here’s to a great Friday!

Anchors Aweigh,  





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