Presidential Stamps Puzzle 1000 Pieces

Greetings to you with the Presidential Stamps Puzzle 1000 pieces! With the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections a little more than two weeks away, the timing seems perfect for today’s blog topic.

While the puzzle does not even come up in the search results at the USPS Postal Store, and shows Out Of Stock at WhiteMountainPuzzles, I am seeing it available (at over twice its list price) at Amazon (and include the link further below).

USA Philatelic 2020 Volume 25 Fall
USA Philatelic 2020 Volume 25 Fall, SKU 012007

Note the inspiration for today’s post is seeing this puzzle among the several different ones shown in the new Philatelic Catalog that arrived in the mail this past Thursday. 

The clickable image I’m including connects you to the USPS Postal Store Volume 25 2020 Fall and you can order it for free. Furthermore, besides being able to order a copy to be mailed, in reading the description it includes a link to download and view in PDF the USA Philatelic Content.

It was just in July we were looking at the USPS Summer Cheer Catalog Including America Smiles Puzzle.

Presidential Stamps Puzzle 1000 Pieces​

The completed puzzle dimension is showing 24 x 30 inches.

“RESIDENTIAL STAMPS: The fantastic Presidential Stamps Jigsaw Puzzle features wonderful portraits of American historical figures assembled in a colorful stamp collage by artist Lois B. Sutton.”

Other White Mountain Puzzles we have looked at include the Classic Stamps over Memorial Day Weekend 2020.  If you have been wanting to do some Holiday Shopping and looking for unique items, you’ll have fun considering puzzle with stamps in them, and/or looking at the many items in the Philatelic Catalog showing above. Here’s to getting ahead of the calendar and taking action now!
Here’s to a great week ahead. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday.
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Amazon link White Mountain Puzzles Presidential Stamps – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

USPS Philatelic Catalog Listing above

Presidential stamps puzzle 1000 pieces #2029



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