Celebrating Gene Stamp Decoupage – It’s National Stamp Collecting Month

It is a joy to be celebrating the Stamp Decoupage by stamp club buddy Gene, especially with it being National Stamp Collecting Month! Happy Wednesday! Let me introduce you to Wilmington Philatelic Society (WPS) Lifetime Member, Gene Sauer, who is 93 years young! She epitomizes vivacity and the excitement of lifelong curiosity pursuing the hobby of stamp collecting since she was age 8! The photo of us is from the October meeting last night at Scrap & Design. 

The meeting included a fantastic presentation by Jimmy on Philatelic Watermarks, along with slides being projected. We are trying out something where I was able to video record over 20 minutes of his presentation! (Stay tuned for more information at a later time).

This post is one I’ve been planning to write for some time and so happy to get to write and share it today.

Celebrating Gene Stamp Decoupage - It's National Stamp Collecting Month

Celebrating Gene Stamp Decoupage

Gene is one of my favorite members and buddies in the stamp club. We met at my first stamp club meeting back in 2015! 

She has presented me on two different occasions with beautiful stamp decoupage designs. The first one being an ANCHOR (!) in May 2019. And most recently, a light switch plate earlier this year.

In December she will be turning 94 years young! I continue to be amazed by her vitality and she reinforces for me age is an attitude and not a number. (And I did get her permission for sharing her age!)

Lastly, at the WPS meeting last night it was announced we have postponed the Christmas dinner tentatively next Summer due to the pandemic. Furthermore, I’m delighted to share this photo of Gene at last year’s 2019, where she was presented with her Lifetime Member award!

Wishing you a joyous rest of the week! I’ll be back here on Sunday with a really special blog post I’ve had in the works for some time. It is about a book I have already read from cover to cover and loved it. I found it very funny and poignant. (In case you are wanting a hint – I made mention I was beginning reading this book earlier this year, in my New Year 2020 Forward! blog post, January 1, 2020.)

With Thanksgiving just 36 days away – we are approaching a season of giving Thanks. See you back here on Sunday! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


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