Thoughts on Keepsake Letter Writing

With us approaching the middle of 4th quarter, I’m including a few of my Thoughts on Keepsake Letter Writing. If you are finding yourself decluttering some of your personal papers these days, you are not alone! 

Thoughts on Keepsake Letter Writing

In the push to get control of the incoming mail – it’s important to not lose those wonderful letters that do arrive – truly keepsakes! First, a warm welcome to our newest email blog subscribers!

Thoughts on Keepsake Letter Writing

It calls to mind the importance of going through and organizing, our letters for storing. That it is an ongoing process. And of course the obvious – in order to be receiving letters it helps to be writing and SENDING letters.

Among favorite letters, they range from being written on three-ring notebook paper to engraved Crane stationery. It can be a newspaper clipping with a sticky note, a postcard tucked in with the letter or a wonderful two-sentence heartfelt sentiment on a seasonal card.

One of the recurring things I do is whenever a letter arrives, I strive to pause before opening, and to handwrite the date along with received on the outside of the envelope. [In addition, I then will write the date replied on the outside when I send the reply and put a checkmark with it too.] Most importantly, even if have not done any gathering together of keepsake letters to date go ahead and begin! 

I’ll be back here this Wednesday, November 11th, with it being Veterans Day 2020. See you then! 

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