Crane Post Holiday Stationery Sale Underway

There is a Crane Post Holiday Stationery Sale underway with 50% savings! I hope this finds you having enjoyed your Holidays so far. The timing is great, especially with seeing several Thank You Notes they are including among the stationery sale items.

Crane Post Holiday Stationery Sale #2050

I’m seeing beautiful seasonal gift tags, ornaments, photo mount cards, and note cards. The stationery sale includes Thank You Notes, invitations, place cards, Anniversary greeting cards, and additional paper accessories.  

The sale includes the corresponding gift tags for their Dogs Note Stationery Notecards I was blogging about back in August 2019.

Furthermore, their website is encouraging checking back frequently for them anticipating updating it with adding more Crane sale items.

As we wrap up, please join me back here on Wednesday for my end of year wrap up. It will be our last blog post for 2020! 

My plans are to continue blogging twice a week with posting each Sunday and Wednesday in 2021. 

Before closing, in case you are doing some surfing on your Roku device, we were able to enjoy for free, a very sweet seasonal movie earlier this evening. It is from 2013, A Christmas Tree Miracle, with a Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. 

Here’s to enjoying this next week!  See you on Wednesday.

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps #2050

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You may also enjoy AnchoredScraps CRANE Dogs Note Stationery Notecards among designs in New Elevate the Everyday Boxed Stationery Collection, August 29, 2019



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