Dear Santa Paws 2020, by Cooper

Dear Santa Paws 2020 and greetings to you by Cooper! My dog-Mom Helen is busy writing Christmas cards – yes, still working on them! And I offered to “write” today’s blog post for her.

She did ask me to include this reminder about yesterday’s special blog post for last-minute Christmas shopping of the new set of 24 printables in “Giving The Gift of a Year of Letters”

For those of you new to AnchoredScraps, I’m a four-year-old Brittany Spaniel and that’s me looking out the window in the photo below on this Sunday afternoon.  The USPS was out delivering packages to neighbors and of course, I had to look out to see the activity! 

Dear Santa Paws 2020

Here’s to wishing for snow this year for Christmas!

It seems the last time I wrote to you was in 2018, and just like that year, we once again had a Hurricane greet our home this year in August with Hurricane Isaias. We continue to be grateful that the damage was only to the outside of the house this time and I did get to help supervise a little with the new roof when it was installed a few months ago. “There is talk” that the replacement for the back porch on order will be arriving in February. 

There are so many friends who have family pets shown in their Christmas cards this year! I wished they all lived closer so we could play together. I still enjoy going to Pawville to see local dog friends for day-care and boarding.

Your friend, Cooper

P.S. This year I discovered by hiding (mostly) under the bed, with only my tail sticking out – that I’m an “invisible bear”!

Dear Santa Paws 2020

Dear Santa Paws 2020 AnchoredScraps #2048

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