On writing the Christmas 2020 Newsletter (or.. not) & ‘Tis the season printable insert

On writing the Christmas 2020 newsletter (or..not) best describes my focus on this Wednesday morning. In addition, I have created a corresponding ‘Tis the season printable free for downloading. Before beginning, a warm welcome to our newest email blog subscribers!

On writing the Christmas 2020 newsletter (or..not) & Tis the season printable AnchoredScraps blog post title #2044

When we last met on Sunday I was sharing this week is fantastic timing for sending out via snail mail our Christmas cards. Furthermore, in follow-up from my Sunday blog post, Rockin Around ChristmasTime Cannonballs & Christmas Cards (12-6-2020), I’ve been making great strides in moving the cannonballs around and actually having some items leave the house with decluttering this week. 

On writing the Christmas 2020 Newsletter (or.. not)

The prioritization for me is getting the cards out, and with time permitting include my Christmas newsletter. I’m wanting to make sure to have plenty of time given the delays with the mail these days.  Once the cards are out then I’ll resume the interior of our home with the Christmas decorations. 

'Tis the season printable insert

In my printable ‘Tis the season, I’ve included a nod to us all still wearing masks and practicing social distancing in December 2020 by including the mask in the design. This year I am missing not having the local stamp club annual Christmas dinner, it would have been last night. Currently, we are looking at having it in July 2021. 

Here’s to making the time to put pen to paper and getting out Christmas cards this year. Enjoy the printable! See you back here on Sunday.

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps #2044 


P.S. Over at the USPS Postal Bulletin 22560 from last Thursday, it is showing there are MORE Christmas 2020 Pictorial Postmarks that are now being shown available. My plans are to put an addendum on my November 29, 2020 blog post showing them. Look for that in the near future. In the meantime, you can see all of them over at that Postal Bulletin.



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