Rockin Around ChristmasTime Cannonballs & Christmas Cards

Rockin Around ChristmasTime Cannonballs best describes my organizing focus the past few days. I’m merging the expression of ‘moving the cannonballs’ with the Brenda Lee classic song. (And I’ve got a link to the song at the end of my post). Add to this my focus on getting out the Christmas Cards this week and we have it all!

Rockin Around ChristmasTime Cannonballs & Christmas Cards

In a blog post of mine back in 2015, I was sharing about decluttering in anticipation of the Holidays – in it referring to an episode with the James West character in the Wild West Television Series from the 1960s.  Combine that imagery with hearing the Brenda Lee classic from 1958 of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” and we have today’s blog focus.  Her song is great for blasting at a higher volume while moving the boxes around and setting up the Christmas decorations. In addition, think of our family dog Cooper “help” chase me while dancing around and it is all a lot of fun! It was surprising to read Brenda Lee was only 13 at the time she was recording the Johnny Marks song.

With less than three weeks before Christmas, I’m telling myself this week in front of us is optimum for getting out the Christmas cards into the snail mail!

See you back here on Wednesday. In the meantime, here’s to Rockin Around Christmas Time Cannonballs! 

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Rockin Around ChristmasTime Cannonballs & Christmas Cards Attribution & Thanks to

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AnchoredScraps ‘moving the cannonballs’ October 19, 2015; image from dreamstime_xs_21147203




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