Olympia typewriter vintage postcard

Seeing this Olympia typewriter vintage postcard available over at eBay has me doing a double take!

It could be a year or two close to the model I have that was my Dad’s typewriter. Albeit, mine is a different color than the one in the postcard. I will have more on it at my next post.

The eBay listing for the “1958, Olympia Model SM3 DeLuxe TYPEWRITER, ADVERTISING Chrome Postcard” is $10.00. And its size is Standard Sized Postcard ~ 3.5″ x 5.5″. 

Dad’s typewriter

If you are new to my blog (or if just wanting to revisit the post), here’s the link to my May 30, 2015 post on Dad’s typewriter

In addition, here’s my June 18, 2020 post, Helen’s typewriter collection.

There is nothing like navigating the logistics of writing one’s blog post with a NEW laptop and connected configuration.  In a pre-emptive strike before my old and trusty laptop goes out (its been giving warning signs) I have gotten a “new” used laptop which I’m already noting the difference with having more memory.  On an aside, one of the things I’m having a lot of fun with is installing Linux to it and will have it on my laptop.

Before closing, alas – my printable I was planning on debuting today – it turns out what with the “new laptop” logistics and all it will be my next blog post on Wednesday.  In the meantime, have fun looking around to see if any of your interests have any vintage postcards available! Here’s to a great week ahead!

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Attribution & Thanks to postcard_trove ebay seller



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