Getting to know you March 2021 Focus

We are kicking off the new month with having the theme of Getting to know you weaving throughout March. Beginning this Sunday, on each Sunday this month, the post will include a short survey. It will have a focus on some aspect of letter writing. And then in the following Wednesday post it will include sharing its results.  

Getting to know you march 2021 focus

With this blog being on WordPress, I’ve been trying out some different survey tools for use WITHIN the blog post which is going to be fun!  If you have noticed over the past six years there are recurring categories we cover, and I’m interested in getting to know you better with focus areas with our letter writing pursuits.  

There are some really fun things on the horizon for AnchoredScraps and I’m needing your participation and help with these surveys as part of the big picture!

You’ll notice in our blog post title card I’m focusing on kites – and I’m recalling among one of my first blog posts here over six years ago was on kites, Enjoying Whimsy (March 4, 2015). Furthermore, we were looking at kites again, on March 23, 2019, Breezy Kite Postcard & American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Calendar.  On an aside, you’ll notice over at their AKA site, that April is the month they officially designate as National Kite Month.  With the whimsy of it and having March feel so windy, I enjoy beginning showing kites here in March!

It is exciting seeing what is ahead for us especially with us now beginning the trek to our 7th anniversary!  See you back here on Sunday! Here’s to a great month of March 2021!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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