Setting aside Letter Writing Time Challenge

It’s time to share today’s sentiments on Setting Aside Letter Writing Time Challenge! I’m thinking of it as deciding ideal day of each week or each month for establishing this habit for regularly writing more letters.   Amidst the activity of wrapping up the month of April, and perhaps you are also finding yourself having done tax preparations and getting them ready for filing. In addition, scoping out potential garden beds in your yard with thoughts of ‘has the last frost happened so I can go ahead and start getting things into the ground’!  So in the midst of all of this, I’m cheering and realizing all the more need for setting aside a specific letter writing time and so this challenge!

For the month of May, you are welcome to join me as I challenge myself to regularly set aside Letter Writing Time. I’m looking at doing this weekly (more below); however, you may decide once for the month is all you want to start off with, or you may want to do so even more frequently than once a week!

Setting aside Letter Writing Time Challenge

What is the ideal day of each week or one day each month for this habit forming item? For myself, I’m thinking Sunday afternoons a perfect time for putting pen to paper. In addition, a great reminder to myself at this set aside time for making sure to go through upcoming birthdays to get cards into the mail.  It means on Monday morning I have an outgoing pile of letters all ready to go for the week – kicking it off knowing I’m sending off wonderful snail mail for my recipients to receive later in the week!

With us wrapping up National Letter Writing Month this month, I hope you’ll consider joining me as we go into the month of May of trying out this approach for at least one month.

There will be more on this in my Sunday blog post. For today I wanted to go ahead and share with you about it so you too can go into the month of May already planning on participating! So…. stay tuned! And I am even looking at a recognition postcard to send to fellow Setting Aside Letter Writing Time Challenge finishers! See you back here on Sunday! 

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