Anticipating National Letter Writing Month April 2021

We are anticipating National Letter Writing Month April 2021 which begins tomorrow, April 1st – no kidding!  While I’m not personally striving to write thirty letters within thirty days next month it is wonderful knowing the annual tradition continues, albeit this year adjusting our ambitions!   Also, in our blog today are the Letter Writing Surveys from Stamps to Pens results from Sunday! Thank you so much to all of you for participating!  AND Easter is this SUNDAY if have been meaning to get Easter cards off into the mail, WE need to finish up and get them out tomorrow!   

By the way, while writing this post, the power has gone out once already with a TREMENDOUS thunderstorm going on right now. Hope all of you are good! Cooper is a real trooper and seems to be doing fine too!

For those of you this is your first April here with us at AnchoredScraps, thought you would enjoy this quick look back sentiment. I am still recalling with fondness right after beginning this blog over six years ago, us celebrating the April event, especially as the USPS was introducing their “From Me to You” stamp. 

Furthermore, if you do have been with me since the beginning, do you still have any of those stamps? They have turned out to be one of my most favorite Forever stamps to have blogged on here. Thinking out loud to myself here, I really need to go about getting more of them – even though no longer available on USPS, will check out!

Anticipating National Letter Writing Month April 2021 - with adjusted ambitions!

Last month, when beginning the month of February, my post was on why this year, in 2021, “Why I’m Not Letter Writing Challenge Month in 2021” (February 3, 2021).  I subsequently heard back from several of you with similar sentiments.  In that post, I shared ” I do know for this year, in 2021, my personal goal is to rotate through all of my pen pals on my list and write to each of them – at least once – in a meaningful way – on my own timeframe.”   This means in April I’ll continue going through my rotation list for letter writing – and it happens to be National Letter Writing Month April 2021 – which will be fun for mentioning in those notes.

Reading over at the their message for this year, (and I’m paraphrasing), found me nodding and smiling. Basically they are wonderfully sharing given 2020, they are suggesting for 2021 if one can write a few letters great, and not pushing for writing 30 letters in 30 days in April this year; the sponsors this year are Egg press, Sakura, and Hello Lucky. It is great seeing their continued participation in the annual event! 

In conclusion, I hope you’ll consider putting pen to paper at least once in April!

Clickable image to my April 8, 2015 blog post: "National Card and Letter Writing Month celebrates with “From Me to You”

Focus on letter writing tools: Fountain Pens, Pencils, Laptops, & Typewriters SURVEY RESULTS

First, it was surprising almost 60% view using a fountain pen for “special occasion”, which includes me! It probably has to do with the fact when I use my fountain pens, I typically end up with ink all over my hands – try as I may to NOT do that with my letter writing.  Furthermore, the “special occasion” sentiment is remining me of only getting out the china for Thanksgiving family dinner once a year! I have one girlfriend who uses her china as the everyday dishes so they do get used regularly!  

Second, it is fun seeing how some questions were much more popular for commenting on them!

And who knew we have so many typewriter enthusiasts! It was amazing to read how organized a lot of you are with NOT having your pens and/or pencils disappear – rather, they are put into a designated place. 

Lastly, for this survey, while it was a little over 15% not comfortable downloading printable pdfs, it is definitely something we’ll be addressing here in the future. It affirms for me that it is important to have some step by steps available.

My everyday writing instrument of choice is:
Gel pen 37.50%
Fountain Pen 31.25%
Favorite ballpoint pen 18.75%
Pencil 6.25%
Whatever I can find around me 6.25%

  • This comment especially love: “Depends on what I am writing. Sometimes postcard surface requires something that doesn’t smear.” 
  • And this comment for Gel pen: “Bold tip”
  • Wow on this comment! “Am very knowledgeable and use my fountain pen daily”
  • “For formal responses, cards etc., I prefer a fountain pen but my everyday pen is a Pilot (Staples also) G2, 07 point.”

I think of using a fountain pen as…
View using mine for “special occasion” 58.33%
Something I would like to get one sometime and learn how to use it 16.67%
Rarely. 16.67%
Am very knowledgeable and use my fountain pen daily 8.33%
Other 8.33%

  • Here’s a favorite comment for this question: “I have 4 at the moment but my favorite is my Dads pen that he used to write home when serving in the merchant navy in WWII”
  • This one too: ” I don’t use a fountain pen frequently enough to keep the nib wet, so it usually requires a priming to start writing.”
    Also, “I have one super cheap, cartridge-only fountain pen, and one Pilot Metropolitan with a refillable bladder. But I’m too intimidated to use the refillable bladder. (The pen also accommodates cartridges.)”
  • And this last one: I do use a modern version of a fountain pen ie: a cartridge as opposed to a refillable bladder.”

Do your pens (and/or pencils) disappear (similar to missing socks?)
No 66.67%
Yes 33.33%

  • Here is one comment excerpt: “My special pens live in my writing desk and are not allowed to wander.”
  • And another comment: “Answer: I have several huge containers of pens, colored pencils and assorted Sharpies, Tombows and gel pens on my desk. The instrument I’m looking for sometimes gets lost in the clutter of so many containers…. but if I cant find what I’m looking for, I have plenty to choose from to complete the task at hand.”
  • “I have cups on my desk for different instruments and always use them.”
  • And this had great advise: “Don’t be to quick to loan our your everyday pen and NEVER allow anyone else to write with your fountain pen.”

When writing letters they are:
Cursive 45.00%
Hand printed 20.00%
Typewriter 15.00%
Typed out on computer and then printed 10.00%
Hybrid combo of typing out on computer and then printed along with adding hand written note on it before mailing 5.00%
All 5.00%
Other 5.00%

  • Among the comments, this one: “Typewriter plus hand printed”
  • Next, this one: “Mostly of my letters are a combination of hand-printed and cursive writing. I occasionally use a typewriter, and sometimes a computer with printer. But most letters are done by hand.”
  • Next, “I will use my computer (word processor) to correspond with a particularly older person who has difficulty with cursive and/or the written word.”

Do you have any typewriters?
Yes 66.67%
No 33.33%

  • This comment brought back memories: “A 1973 IBM Selectric that I might keep forever-a fabulous machine that deserves its Smithsonian entry. A standard Underwood that was my father-in-law’s. Might use the letter buttons as keepsakes for family.”
  • Furthermore, this comment was fantastic!: “I have 3 manual typewriters: A 1930’s Underwood A 1960’s Royal Aristocrat (script font) A 1970’s Royal Sabre”
  • Followed by this one! “When in business (Fairfax, VA) as accounts and tax preparers, we had a venerable Underwood (vintage 1890’s) in the lobby that was always a topic of conservation.”

In anticipation of upcoming National Pencil Day, March 30, do you prefer a pencil to pen?
Pen 50.00%
Pencil 41.67%
unconcerned 8.33%
Other 8.33%

  • Had to smile reading this comment: “I’d have difficulty locating a sharpened pencil in my home”

Do you tend to splurge more on ink, pen refills, and/or different ink colors or stationery?
ink, pen refills, different ink colors 50.00%
Stationery 35.71%
No 7.14%
Brush pens 7.14%
Printer ink cartridge, typewriter ribbon 0.00%
Other 14.29%

  • Loved the creativity shown in this comment: “I scrounge rather than splurge.”
  • In addition, this next comment: “Brush pens”
  • And I’m seeing a trend: ” Interested in getting different color of Tombow Brush Pens.”
  • And truly smiling reading: “Stationary – Crain stationary !”

In the last year do you recall your favorite letter you wrote and sent?

  • Yes 66.67%
    No 33.33%
    Among the comments, this one had to include excerpt: “Several, and the common thread has been when they provoke answers from long-lost friends. Most answers are electronic, of course, but it’s all good.”
  • And this one too: “A page of nonsense written to a favorite friend.”
  • In addition, there is this comment: “But, I can recall two thank you notes received (in cursive) from surviving spouses of recently deceased mentors responding to my contributed memorial.”

Do you feel comfortable downloading printable PDFs, printing them, and using with your letter writing?
Very much 66.67%
Not sure 16.67%
No 16.67%
Other 8.33%

  • Among the comments ranged from very much, to what is a printable pdf, and not sure.

Thank you again for participating in the Focus on letter writing tools: Fountain Pens, Pencils, Laptops, & Typewriters Survey! 

In addition, thank you for participating in the second survey from Sunday’s blog post – this one on stamps. It was a shorter survey. The biggest surprise to me was how many are satisfied with the amount of Thank You’s they receive acknowledging their gift giving! That is definitely a survey question I will keep for tracking a pulse.

To summarize the other items, HALF of those who responded shared they have TONS of postage stamps on hand. Also, seeing how popular postcards are and how many of us ROTATE through our correspondence list. You’ll see Fountain Pens and Pencils got 50% of the splurge area when we have a little extra money. I call it sock drawer money, and if you missed my blog post on it, Sock Drawer Money & Stationery (September 2, 2020), I’m including it for easy reference.


  • Do you keep more than a book of stamps on hand?
    Tons of postage stamps 50.00%
    I know there is a book of stamps around here somewhere! 33.33%
    Have a few stamps 16.67%
  • This comment: “I try to put different stamps on mail for the stamp collectors I write to. I like to use different small value stamps to add up to the correct postage.”

Do you have any favorite stamps?
Yes 66.67%
No 33.33%

  • This comment I loved reading: “Any Christmas issues.”
  • And this is great! “JFK and cartoon and any old postage. Like to use postage issued before the person I’m writing to was born.”

Do you keep POSTCARD stamps on hand?
yes! 66.67%
what postcard stamps? I just use first class regular mail stamp for postcards 16.67%
what postcard? 16.67%

  • This comment from outside the U.S. “No postcard stamps in Canada.”
  • And this is very cool: “Make my own postcards personalized for the recipient”

Do you keep a stash of stationery?
Yes 83.33%
No 16.67%

  • This is one where the stats say it and no one was volunteering to comment on the size of their stationery stash!

Do you tend to rotate your letter writing to the same people?
Yes 66.67%
No 33.33%

  • “I belong to swap and postcard groups where mostly you write to different people.”

Letter writing etiquette, are you satisfied with getting thank you’s from those you send gifts to?
Yes 83.33%
No 16.67%

  • While the majority stated satisfied, it was worth noting only those not had this representative comment: “Interesting…I don’t recall ever getting one. And, yes, the gifts were sent!”

When able to splurge, do you have a favorite of these?
Fountain Pens, Pencils 50.00%
Stationery 33.33%
Postcards 16.67%

  • And this kindred spirit, I loved their comment: “I like to pick up letter enclosures.”

As we wrap up, in March 2021 there were a total of three surveys this month – my first surveys here at AnchoredScraps!

It is exciting knowing what is coming on the horizon for us here! The information from the surveys is most helpful.

Thank you again for all of your continuing support an being on this blog journey with me.  I am looking forward to seeing you back here on Easter Sunday 2021! 

Anchors Aweigh,


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