Enjoying the Blue Mountain Mothers Day 2021 ecards selection

We are enjoying the Blue Mountain Mothers Day 2021 ecards selection today. Happy Mother’s Day 2021! One of the things I really love about the selection of their ecards, are some of them allow for such personalizing! Furthermore, among their collection of ecards their categories include Mother’s Day ecards for Family, Funny, Poems, Smashups, and ‘for my Mom’!

Enjoying the Blue Mountain Mother's Day 2021 ecards selection AnchoredScraps #2088

Welcome & Setting Aside Letter Writing Time Challenge Update

First, here’s a warm welcome to our newest email blog subscriber! and Wow!! on their jumping right in and participating in the Setting Aside Letter Writing Time Challenge this month.

As a reminder, today is our first Sunday of the four Sundays we are tracking (or for your chosen day each week).

It is fun reading about the different items you are writing about in your letters. One person shared the following:

“I’m telling everyone about the huge snapping turtle stalking a nearby lake & keeping them updated on the 14 ducklings there.”  

Additionally, in Wednesday’s post I’ll be including an area for you to write in any letter writing items you are sharing these days which I’ll then include next Sunday.

Enjoying the Blue Mountain Mothers Day 2021 ecards selection

Even if you’ve already sent your greetings via snail mail, it is fine sending additionally one like this electronically!

Reading one of their items it beautifully captures the sentiment of sending e-greetings for personalizing a “… Mother’s Day Wish, and Celebrate All Moms.”

Next, in the collage I’m including it is a collection of screenshots from the Blue Mountain website today. In it is shows a sampling of their Mother’s day ecards available.

Also, with the personalizing available it even makes for sending to dog-moms, cat-moms too!

In conclusion, writing today’s post about enjoying the Blue Mountain Mothers Day 2021 ecards selection, reminds me it is not our first blog post about Blue Mountain.

Over the course of blogging here for over six years, Blue Mountain ecards I’ve shared about from time to time including for Memorial Day, Summer Solstice, July 4th, and “Happy” (Pharrell Williams) ecard.

Thank you for joining me today. See you back here on Wednesday!

Here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day 2021!  

Anchors Aweigh,


AnchoredScraps #2088



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