Congratulations to Jackie Flaherty! Letters & Journals Online Magazine Volume 2

Congratulations to Jackie Flaherty! Letters & Journals Online Magazine Volume 2 May 2021 – Hot off the digital presses!  It was just last December her Premiere Issue Debuted!

On this Wednesday afternoon, I’m extending this warm WELCOME to our newest email blog subscribers who have found AnchoredScraps via my classified ad in both issues of Letters & Journals magazine! It is a joy to be once again be participating as an advertiser supporting Letters & Journals. 

Flaherty Letters Journals Magazine Volume 2

Congratulations to Jackie Flaherty on Volume 2 of Letters & Journals Online Magazine!

Founder and Publisher of Letters & Journals, Jackie Flaherty has outdone herself with this second issue! 

Not only are there several wonderful articles on letter writing she has written, in addition there are two guest contributing writers who add new and creative ideas with letter writing.

And there are two giveaways!

The first Giveaway is sponsored by Scribe Ballpoint Pen (see page 9). And the second Giveaway is for receiving a Bundle of Vintage Mail – “a giveaway of a selection of old postcards, letters, pictures and advertisements” hosted by Letters & Journals (see page 32 & 33).

© image: Jackie Flaherty, Founder and Publisher Letters & Journals

First, I’m including this screenshot of page two of the current issue, Spring 2021.

Secondly, from the Contents page, the Volume 2 topics include: “Letter Writing: A Form of Meditation”; “Time to Start Planning”; “How is the Pandemic Encouraging Letter Writing?”; “Charms of a Small-Town Post Office”; “Postage Stamp People”; “The Resurgence of Letter Writing: A Lost Art in the Race of Technology”; and “Pieces of Mail”, as well as the two giveaways, display and classified ads.

With this issue there are two guest contributing writers. The first, Renee Palting has three articles – 1) on the mindful and meditative state of letter writing, 2) on the resurgence of letter writing and pen pals in these pandemic times, and 3) on whose title sums it up best: “The Resurgence of Letter Writing: A Lost Art in the Race of Technology”. The second guest writer, Valerie Edwards, has whimsical fun with mail art and a fun approach of using “postage stamp heads of people to put on bodies found randomly (or purposefully) in the world” in “Postage Stamp People”.

The entire team at Letters & Journals have really put together a beautiful issue!

This is a screenshot of page 2 from Letters & Journals Online Magazine Volume 2 May 2021; it is also a clickable image to take you to view entire issue

Let's hear it for ISSUU, and Letters & Journals

The online magazine of Letters & Journals Online Magazine Volume 2 May 2021 Spring is using Issuu for the viewing.  

This issue is available for free and not only can we view it there, it is also available for downloading.  

I’m appreciative of the many advertisers of the magazine who are also supporting the letter writing magazine.

In addition, at ISSU it is very easy to create an id for a free account there and that way be able to follow Jackie and be notified when any new items are published.  Furthermore, over at her Letters & Journals website, you can subscribe to her newsletter. 

Congratulations Letters & Journals The Magazine DebutsAs I was making reference to it at the beginning of today post, it was December 2, 2020, my blog post on the Letters & Journals Premiere Issue. Furthermore, in writing today’s blog, I’m remembering back in 2018, writing my post on Showcasing Letters & Journals Blog.

My sincere thanks to Jackie for the continuing love and care she puts into her work. Congratulations again to Jackie Flaherty and the entire team at Letters & Journals!

See you back here on Sunday!  

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