Five quick snail mail ideas

This morning we have Five quick snail mail ideas for writing letters and getting them on their way.  Happy Wednesday!

With the upcoming 4th of July Holiday (a week away), the list of letter writing prompts I’ve put together should help in answering the question: “what can I write about?” — even including knock-knock jokes among the suggestions.

Five quick snail mail ideas

Here then is a list I’ve put together. Just pick one from the list below and go!  Enjoy!

Furthermore, I’m including the text from the graphic if for some reason you are not able to view the image of it.

  • Share about your favorite summer frozen treat (popsicle, ice cream, …)
  • Using only two sentences share “I am thinking of you because…”
  • In no more than three sentences write a note recalling the last time you saw them in person, before Covid?
  • Describe in four or fewer sentences your ideal weather forecast for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday.
  • List out your five favorite Summer foods

And from two months ago, I’m including this link to 120 Funny Knock-Knock Jokes Guaranteed to Crack You Up”by Bob Larkin, April 13, 2021.

Before closing, with today being the 23rd of June, we have seven more days for the month, quarter, and first half of 2021 for giving the gift of our time via a letter. This Saturday will be the 5th Saturday this month!  

See you back here on Sunday, until then here’s to enjoying these five quick snail mail ideas. 

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